About Dr. Raji Muragali
Dr. Raji Muragali is a reputed Board Certified Psychiatrist, diet consultant and music therapy consultant in USA over 25 years. She sings in 7 different languages. Her speciality Gazals and Bhajans are solely composed and often written specially for her by very renowned artists and only based on Indian classical music i.e.all the existing ragas.So far she has recorded over 10 cds in different languages.
She is a recording and a performing artist as well. She is making people’s mind healthy, peaceful and relaxed and by applying various pranic healing and reikie techniques. She is licensed in acupuncture, hypnoses and biofeedback methods which has helped with pain management, cure depression, anxiety and phobia in clients. She has done psychotherapy and treated broad variety of emotional difficulties. This therapy changes thought patterns and explores past relationships and present human behavior.Because of her versatile expertise, she can make a significant impact on any client and bring optimum results in the total physical and emotional well being of a person in a very less amount of time.